The assault towards the hideout causes the brand new death of Hozai, the new need regarding Kelvin, and Castiel leaking out having Kelly

He pushes Kelly to help you a hotel whenever his truck stops working, whilst seeking persuade Kelly you to this lady man was also dangerous so you’re able to chance making it possible for to live. Dean and Sam in the future reach its venue. Dean is unquestionably unsatisfied for the thieves of your own Colt otherwise Castiel’s decision in order to kidnap Kelly, and you will pushes both to go to about Impala while he and you will Sam decide what to-do.

Through the Complex Thanatology, Dean talks to Billie just who observed the change during the your just like the he decided to go to checklist the brand new nearest and dearest that he has lost along with his failure to store him or her

Kelly but not, is determined going the new Beautiful Site by the woman child, and you may pushes out of towards the Impala, leaving Dean and you may Sam with a cracked vehicle and Castiel into the the new seat. Dean repairs the latest truck if you are Castiel and you will Kelly talk with Heaven’s the newest ruler Joshua from the Portal. Joshua arrangements on eliminating Kelly and her kid through the lady walk-through this new Portal, but Dagon disrupts him or her, eliminates Joshua, and you can attempts to destroy Castiel. Sam and Dean arrive and then try to stop the girl, but Dagon proves protected on their periods and also ruins The brand new Colt. Dean watches helplessly once the Dagon movements into hit Castiel, but the angel get strength regarding Lucifer’s child which will be able so you can incinerate the new demon. Castiel proceeds to help you fix Dean’s sleeve, nevertheless when Dean tries to end Castiel off providing Kelly aside, Castiel hits your and you can Sam away.

Right back during the Bunker, Dean is extremely irritated from the Castiel’s behavior and thinks Castiel try getting mind-subject to “Lucifer Jr.” once the people the guy watched didn’t remind your out of Castiel. Dean’s anxieties irritate Sam who’s struggling to do just about anything on the they. Sam’s merely help is to make contact with Jody as well as have her discover a broad seek Castiel and you will Kelly.

Castiel are found caring for Kelly before being located of the the Winchesters. If you’re still angry during the Castiel to have betraying him or her, Dean attempts to convince Castiel to help them in the battle against Lucifer. They are effective given that Castiel heals their injured toes and suggests Dean and Sam a separate article-apocalyptic facts. When Lucifer stabs and you can kills Castiel, Dean was remaining devastated and updates along side corpse off their greatest buddy’s lesbian dating in Phoenix city lifeless vessel.

12 months thirteen [ ]

Inside Lost Discovered, Dean temporarily stood more than Castiel’s corpse, grieving, before heading in the cabin. After praying in order to God to replace anyone he has got forgotten fails, Dean chooses to keep a good Hunter’s Funeral service for Castiel. Alongside Jack, whom observes Castiel because the his father unlike Lucifer, the latest Winchesters burn off Castiel and you can Kelly Kline’s government outside the cabin.

Castiel’s passing significantly influenced Dean, when he pinned all fault to the Jack even harmful to kill your should lie on it eg he performed which have Castiel. An example was in Patience, in which he contends that have Sam about how exactly believing Jack cost Castiel their lifestyle and just how the guy can not evaluate him while the a good effect.

Regarding the Big Empty, just after waking throughout the Empty, Castiel tells the newest The new Shade that the Winchesters need your and you can demand for their release as he usually fight it for all eternity when the he’s to help you until they are free of the brand new world. In the bottom, Castiel is actually resurrected just as the guy needed.

He actually states he’d let her experience their soul if the she desired as he is sick. Dean after listings Castiel one of the people the guy destroyed so you can Sam bitterly saying he just means that winnings to make him end up being most useful.