Why don’t they just wear a burka – or cover the females in potato sacks down to the floor?

There will always be bona fide exceptions (the key words are BONA FIDE) and that would mean that those dressed in less than the appropriate attire would be rare indeed and everyone would recognise that they were there due to special circumstances

i agree 100% – in our culture today, where the majority of women have their legs covered by pants, dresses and skirts draw much more attention to their bare legs (even when wearing hose), and the fact that their private parts are much more uncovered than if they were “girded” by pants. Besides this, i would like to comment on many of the “conservative” families i have seen in churches, where all the women and girls in the family look like a bunch of in-breds – homely looking long skirts mismatched with high-necked, long sleeved blouses, clunky shoes, unstyled straight long hair and veils…people who have seen this “style” know exactly what i mean. To dress modestly is the point – but with beauty, so as to be pleasing to the eye without being proud or seductive. ” God has made us in His Image – let us present ourselves and our children to Him in a fitting and lovely fashion.

We are going to present ourselves before Our Lord, Risen and Present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar – let’s not just focus on “covering up at all costs

…………………………..uuuuuuh Marika ? I haven’t a clue where you reside but all women and female children dress appropriately for Mass, and the Orthodox,Pentecostals etc the same–and I have yet to see what you observe. browse around here I’ve never seen sack dresses ,loose lanky hair or inbreds. and you give a very strange defense of trousers regarding “private parts”– .

its either we forget or don’t know what purgatory is really about that the suffering in purgatory is about the things we take for granite before the Lord. The way people dress today in church is appalling. No one wants to speak the truth because there afraid of ruffling there feathers. A good coach dose not tell you what you want to here but what you need to here. The priest should put signs in front of the church doors about in modest dress. In 1917 Our Lady told the three visionaries that the coming fashions would be of great offense to GOD and that many would go to hell for the sins of the flesh. Among the most guilty are we Christians. So much of our faith and Scripture are grounded in modesty and yet increasing numbers have been and still are violating it without thought or arrogance. St. Paul writes to the Galatian community: My point is you should live in accordance with the Spirit, and you will not yield to the cravings of the flesh. The flesh lusts against the Spirit, the Spirit against the flesh. the two are directly opposed.” Gal. 5:17. If we love our brothers and sisters we haft to speak the Truth. May GOD be with you.

Dear,dear Monsignor, You have the courage of martyrs and the sensitivity of a new mother. I applaud you and am hoping you are also persevering. Don’t give up this excellent and necessary effort. You are up against myriads who believe that ANY standard can be raationalized against; it’s the custom here or wherever, dress doesn’t necessarilly indicate one’s interior disposition (really,it often does),financial situations, personal ease and comfort , etc.,etc, ad nauseum. I say, “GROW UP PEOPLE!” Too many of you are a serious occasion of sin as you present yourself for Holy Mass. First you examine and adjust your interior disposition (do you really believe that thids is really and truly the body and blood of Jesus you are approaching?) …then you dress accordingly. No excuses. Most importantly God would know. You can give it any name you want, but if lazinesss and I-can’t-be-bothered-to-change-clothes is the real reason you are dressed in shorts and flip flops, rest assured He knows.