I believe including the real dated hag within dating

req: Good morning baby, ought i ask you for an enthusiastic ateez response (99 lining to 2000 line) an individual tells their spouse(s) that they are too-old for them (she is 98 liner)

a/n: the way i squealed around because anon entitled myself baby is just outright embarassing jdjdjdjdj anyways precious anon i altered they a tiny and don’t indicate the age distinction as the all of us have a new idea of what exactly is ‘too old’ and that i wished to become hwa & joong also,, pledge that you do not notice! ??


Due to their image, fans had been therefore certain that he would never ever go for a great lady that has been over the age of he was and so the news off your dating him came because the a shock to any or all. Since you had asked, brand new comments and you may tweets you had been being marked for the was indeed less than simply pleasant, most of them concentrating on your age.

When you presented men and women comments so you can Seonghwa, however just remove your as a result of lay on their lap or take their cellular phone away from you, revealing each and every blog post you to definitely produced you become as if you was indeed smaller worthy of their like.


Hongjoong got lead your back to own a family gathering when one of his true younger long distance relative had started talking-to your informally so long as you’re bound become younger than just Hongjoong. Whenever Hongjoong had told his relative that you were in fact older than the they both, their cousin had mentioned, “oh really brother, as to why do you choose for an older girl?” just before fast leaving your own top to catch with other household members. he had told you it want it implied only your couldn’t stop great deal of thought the entire nights.

“What Minjoon told you has been bothering you?” Hongjoong questioned, standing on the edge of the common sleep watching you strip down having a bath.

“Not really. And i believe I’m hotter becoming myself since chatango mobile you’re earlier, I understand you could potentially accept all sides from myself”


After you had confessed towards cousin that you were matchmaking Yunho, she had frowned and you can remarked, “You will be too-old to have him!He’ll cheat for you with a more youthful lady one day if he isn’t already….” You didn’t genuinely believe that your own aunt would-be thus unsupportive of one’s reference to Yunho and you will finished up sobbing to help you him about any of it.

“Do you consider I’m too young for you? Or I am not saying ‘reliable’ and you can ‘mature’ eg old guys are?” Yunho got asked back, cleaning your rips aside along with his thumb.


You and your members of the family had been aside for dinner if the point off tall anybody else came up so you showed that you had been dating Yeosang. Maybe it absolutely was out-of jealousy (realizing that they discover him really attractive) however they come claiming such things as “oh get real, we people should go for older guys unless of course i have the bucks to have botox”

when you got returned to your own shared apartment to help you yeosang creating a breathing apparatus, you failed to let however, initiate ranting on which your buddies got said and you will asking in the event the the guy didn’t this way you were elderly.

yeosang do make fun of and you will tease your to try to generate it smaller serious, “seriously a good point brought up from the them…..however, you to truth won’t transform even though you was in fact a decade younger. But that is plus because I am Kang Yeosang thus…..what is the genuine disease here, love?”

Identical to Seonghwa, of several admirers believed that he’d choose for a more youthful woman on account of exactly how much the guy wants to take care of others. Therefore likewise, if matchmaking reports made an appearance, many younger admirers had kept hateful comments towards your decades.