Identical to his parents, he’s gay

Joan Mercedes: Joan are a CIA Broker, additionally the girl out-of Carrie Mason and you may Kevin Mercedes. She is a white anthro wolf-fox crossbreed having much time brown hair and you will wears a deep blue organization suit because the one which the woman mommy wears. She discovered the newest Nazi Hunters because of the looking into the new FBI’s private markets. She sporadically gets assistance from the latest Blacklist needless to say objectives. Prior to signing up for this new CIA, she is actually a part of the newest 51st Competitors Side regarding the United states Heavens Push and you may are stationed in the Osan Sky Feet in the Southern Korea in which she surely got to getting a the-ten airplane pilot. She later on ran over to fight against this new North Koreans inside the fresh trip off 2022.

Eddie also in a relationship which have Sean Gavagan

Harley Leitch: Harley Leitch is actually a great lieutenant on the LAPD as well the new partner from Joan Mercedes. He’s a white anthro wolf-fox crossbreed which wears a black match. The guy first assigned with top a squadron of police to bring down the the fresh new Blacklist until the guy and Carrie Mason learned the truth about the team. Same as Joan, the guy occasionally appears to assist New Blacklist.

Chester Black colored: Chester Black colored ‘s the man off Murphy and you can Susan Black colored. He or she is a grey, muscle anthro wolf who wears a black leather jacket having a good Lamborghini badge with the front right side from it, as well as blue jeans. The guy drives the lime Lamborghini Murcielago SV that was in the past determined by the their father. The guy along with spends an M4 Carbine during assassination objectives.

Marylin Vercetti: Marilyn ‘s the girl away from Tracy Vercetti and you can Leila Proyas. She’s an anthro fennec fox just who wears a black leather jacket having good Saleen badge towards top right side of it, plus black colored shorts. Same as the girl mothers, the woman is an effective lesbian and you will an excellent Nazi Huntsman. She spends an AK47 during the assassination missions. She plus pushes a lime Saleen S1.

Eddie Raines: Eddie ‘s the kid regarding Alex Raines and you may Marcus Spyker. He or she is a keen anthro lynx whom wears a blue casual jacket with good Ford Racing badge into side right-side from it, and additionally eco-friendly luggage shorts. The guy pushes an orange 2020 Shelby GT500.

Kang Lee-Seun: Kang are a road racing/Nazi Huntsman who is Korean. The guy with his family members concerned La at the beginning of 2018 as he was just a couple months dated, only for these to become caught from the Freeze and soon after rescued from the Michael Racing and you will Diane McLaren according to the requests out-of Daniel Starkweather. However afterwards scholar out-of senior school at the age of sixteen, and you may in the California Institute off Technology on age of 19 having an effective master’s studies inside robotics. Kang are an anthro yellow panda just who wears a dark-green flight jacket and black shorts. He offers a type 58 having him throughout assassination missions. The guy always drives a tangerine Jaguar C-X75 Prototype.

He’s along with into the a relationship having Eleanor Speed

Priscilla Starkweather: Priscilla Cornell Starkweather ‘s the child regarding Axel Starkweather and you will Bianca Siminova. She actually is a light anthro wolf that have a lot of time blue hair and wears a black skirt. She came into this world on christmas of 2012 and you will entered the usa Aquatic Corps inside the Summer off 2031 after graduating regarding senior high school. Shortly after signing up for this new Marine Corps, she was deployed in order to Syria to fight against the Islamic State. She joined the fresh Nazi Hunters in the summertime out of 2034 shortly after being honorably released. She constantly pushes a black colored Lamborghini Centenario and you can sells an HK 416 together. Priscilla is also within the a romance with Chester Black.

Charlie Seydoux: Charlie is an anthro purple fox who wears a white bomber jacket and you will grey trousers. He had been created inside the Molsheim, France on . The guy entered the new French Army during the summer of 2031 and you may are implemented to Syria to combat contrary to the Islamic Condition in which the guy perform meet Priscilla Starkweather and you can turned the girl closest friend. He was honorably released once returning house during the summer away from 2034. Later, the guy moved to La in which he and you will Priscilla carry out sign-up the Nazi Hunters and know different kill projects regarding not one other than simply Michael Racing. Charlie constantly drives a tangerine McLaren 600LT and you will offers an excellent FAMAS G2 with him.